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Overloaded vehicles give traffic signs' crooked neck '

Time: 2019-09-20 Click: 1956

Road traffic signs are graphic symbols that display traffic laws and road information, and are important facilities for smooth road and driving. However, although some traffic signs "stand" on the roadside, many have "crooked neck disease".。Recently, some citizens called our hotline to reflect that many traffic signs in the Yicheng section of Zaotai Road were scratched by past vehicles, seriously deformed, and could not play their due role, and the distorted reflective signs looked uncoordinated。

15日,The reporter drove to Yicheng section of Zaotai Road,Find on the road,Some of the billboards on light poles on both sides of the road were badly distorted,Has lost its original beauty,It is near a flour factory in Yicheng,Two directional signs in the middle of the road are clearly skewed,Bend up or down,From a distance it looks like a crumpled sheet of iron。Along the Zaotai Road all the way to the Lancao High speed viaduct near the road, more than 20 traffic signs in the middle of the road are obviously skewed, these signs are written with "bus" or "BRT" and other words。

It is understood,These signs are for easy observation by passing drivers,Most of them are placed on the crossarm,It is not placed on the pole pillar like ordinary traffic signs,"The signs placed on the crossarm are generally from the curb or the middle of the road,About three or four meters higher than the ground,Used to indicate that the lane where the sign is located is a passenger or BRT bus lane,Other vehicles are prohibited from occupying the lane for extended periods of time。

In the interview, the past citizens have said that although they do not often pay attention to the signs, the damaged and skewed signs do affect the image of the city, and also bring inconvenience to some people who are unfamiliar with the environment to a certain extent。"Since the opening of the BRT from Zaozhuang to Taierzhuang, these signs have been installed in the guardrail in the middle of the road, and since the deformation, although it has not caused harm to driving, it always feels incompatible with the city image.。"Citizen Mr. Huang said。

According to nearby residents, most of the culprits causing the deformation of these signs are very high overloaded vehicles in the past, and these very high large vehicles choose to pass at night, and residents often hear the "clang" sound of trucks grinding against the signs at night。"These trucks did not stop after scraping, they chose to drive straight away, it is clear that these drivers knew that the vehicle scratched the sign.。"

The signs have been disfigured by high traffic,But it's still attached to the arm and it's not falling off,But residents worry that the signs are often scratched,It doesn't have to fall off and hit someone one day,They hope,Relevant departments can increase the investigation of highly overloaded vehicles at the same time,"Correct" deformed signs or replace damaged signs as soon as possible。

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